Story of Learning

So far I have really tried hard to accomplish my goals. One of the goals I think I did the most work on is solving problems in my head. Because my mom is really good in math, at home my mom likes to teach my different ways to solve problems and so I do it often so it is easy for me to do some of it in my head. Another goal in math was to try and master multiplication facts to 100. I didn't really practice much of it but I think through out the year during school I became much more better in multiplication. Though out January, February and in the beginning of March we didn't do much writing because of civil war but we did a few journal entry's and reports and I think I accomplished my goals. For reading I think I still need to work on reading like up to 30 or 40 minutes of reading. My new goals are going to help me transition to 6th grade which are: writing- use more synonyms in my writing reading- read up to 30 or 40 minutes and math- get multiplication, easy division, addition and subtraction in my head. I think the world math day will help me get multiplication, division, subtraction and addition in my head which I do I like doing.

For reading, math and writing I had a few challenges. For writing one of my challenges were writing journal entry's for the civil war because you really needed to know what was it like being a soldier in the civil war because you have to write a journal entry about being a soldier. I also thought it was challenging because I never was in the civil war. But what helped us was we watched civil war movies. For reading one of my challenges were reading thicker books because I don't really read thick books that often and I don't think some of them are interesting. But I know that I will have to move on in 6th grade and read thicker books, but it will be hard. For math one of my challenges were being fast and doing hard addition and a little bit hard subtraction in my head because while I was doing world math
day I felt like I was going a little bit slow.

This year for my responsibility I think I need to work on it more. Because I feel like when I get something important I don't remember to give to my parents and then I don't get it done. For cooperation I think I am good at that becauase I think I get along with a lot of people. And when we are working in a group, I am nice to my group mates and I work with them well. this year Collaboration for me was good. In the beginning of the year I was able to work with with other students and through out he year I was becoming a little bit more better in collaboration. My study habits were okay. When I come home I do my homework right away, when I am supposed to listen I listen and when it is time to learn I learn.

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