Math game

Factor Captor:

I liked playing this game because it helps me learn new factors I knew nothing about. I also like it because It helps me learn even bigger number's factors. This game is really fun and you get to learn the really easy big number's factors and that will help win and get bigger and better points. An array can help others find the factors of each number because an excample is if you draw 2 rows and each row has 8 dots, than you know that 8 can be divided by 2. If you need to know is 12 divisable by 3, than all you do is try to draw a array with 3 rows and see how many dots in each row and see if it equals to 12. I think I liked doing the fact triangles were you find their fact family. I liked this activity the most because it really helps me with multiplucation, division, addition and subtraction. It is also really fun for me because you get really fast in writing their family's and so it helps you with all the things.

My way of learning


My favorite subject in school is math because it helps me get to know how to do things in the world. It also helps me with my learning. Math is fun in three ways, games, learning and all the things we learn in math like fractions, multiplication, division and all those units. Math's games I think are very creative in ways like multiplication baseball and bingo. These are all real games people play in real life that are not math and its fun because they are the games I play and I like and so it helps me with my learning.

I think my best subject in school is writing because at home I like writing a lot about somethings that I want to remember. I also bring a writing journal to vacations and summers to write about something new or something I have wanted to see in my whole life. I like writing fiction stories because you get to make up you own story and no one else is telling you want I should write or it is not something I had happen in my life. I just make it up myself.