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For Chinese Studies I think I do well in reading Chinese characters and in writing Chinese characters. But I think that I do best in writing Chinese characters fast. One thing I should work on in Chinese Studies is doing and handing in my homework on time because every time we get a new homework pack, I always start it when it is suppose to due. Another thing I should work on is studying more on remembering how to write the characters. One thing we did in Chinese class was learn how to play Chinese chess but I wasn't good at it. So another thing I should work on is listening and reading more clearly. One challenge I had in Chinese was practicing the Replacement test. It was challenging for me because you had to write a whole story in Chinese about a lazy person. In 6th grade I am going to continue learning Chinese so I can become fluent.

In Art we did a lot of activities like drawing Ape portraits and doing portraits of our selves and doing our own frame. For the Ape portraits it was a little bit tricky for me because I am not really good in drawing and drawing Apes looked hard for me. And for the Ape portrait I think I need to work on is finding different kinds of colors that would look good together and different colors that would look good together blended. Because during it when I was finding colors my colors didn't really look good for the Ape and when I was coloring the Ape I wasn't that prepared for the colors, so it looked like the colors were all over the place. For the self portrait thing I think It looked really good in the end but in the beginning when I was tracing my picture on my cloth, I messed up a lot.

In Music, we are working on xylophone, I really did well on one of the music pieces as I knew how to play it well. I also knew how to memorize the song so I could play it at home because I have a xylophone at home. We also did a lot of singing and it included a lot of listening to others and a lot of team work in keeping the beat and all looking at the conductor. One thing I should work on in music is practicing more of the minor and major scales because while I was doing the music Ace, I figured that I needed a little more practice.

In P.E. so far what we have been doing was basketball, gymnastics, volley ball and and air hockey. For gymnastics, I did well with the cartwheels, the forward rolls and the hand stands but on a wall. The thing I should work on is landing in a pose after finishing cart wheels or other exercises. For basketball I don't really think that I was good at it. But I think I did well with the shooting. One thing I had a hard time doing was dribbling and protecting the ball like in matches which we didn't get to do though. For volley ball, I think I did well in the serves but at the beginning of the first lesson that was one thing I should work on. When we played matches, I think I should work on running and savng the ball more faster and more often.

In Counseling, we learned about bullying, we learned about the brain and we learned about many other things. While I was learning about bullying, I knew that bullying was a very common thing in school and in other schools. We did a lot of fun activities like little plays, which was one of my favorite activities we did in Counseling. And during the plays we did a lot of listening, team work and creative ideas which I think was a fun thing to do. During the class where we learned about the right and the left brain, I noticed that I was a little bit of each. For me this was one of the most interseting class in Counseling.

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