Writing Reflection

1. What do I notice about myself as a writer as I read through my work?

I have noticed that I have been doing a lot of describing because I really

want the reader to have a movie in their mind while reading.

2. How have I changed as a writer so far?

I think I have changed so much because I feel

like my writing has gone more and more stronger and

more interesting. Mostly my personal narratives are the strongest

because I have the more fun in it.

3. What are three things I do well as a writer?

I do well in description, details and making my story

interesting for the reader. Sometimes when I want to make it

interesting, I put funny description in my story that way the

reader will want to read on and on even if just making the story have more

description would work even more.

4. What are some things I want to get stronger at as a writer?

I think I should work on adding less "Is" in my stories. It is also

a big challenge to me. I think I should work on not repeating the same

word over and over again like the word and. It would just make the story


5. What is my favorite piece, and what are the things I love about it?

My favorite piece I wrote is called Bunk Bed Drop. This is my favorite

piece because It has the most fun in it and the funniest and the most

description. This is one example from this piece: I was shivering so much like I

was in the middle of the North Pole waring a swim suit.

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